Letter From the Editor


Spring 2014 – Traverse Bay Family


Life is slowly coming back to Michigan as we head into spring, and that means warm weather will be here before we know it – hopefully. This is the time of year when Traverse City really starts to show its true colors with gorgeous scenery, various activities and events, and life blossoming around us. It’s also time to shake off everything that comes with winter and head into spring refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.


Venture into this issue of Traverse Bay Family with spring cleaning in mind – but we’re not just talking about going through your garage. Spring into action with toning exercises and Skin Smoothing Solutions to get ready for tank top season, and find out how you can “spring clean” your diet and soul. Once you’re feeling and looking your best, its time to get up and get out! Date night ideas put a spark of romance and adventure and between Interlochen, and our calendar of events, we guarantee you will be entertained.


With all of this snow, it’s a great time to prepare for what is to come. So, cozy up with your issue of Traverse Bay Magazine, and get ready for spring in Traverse City.



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